CBA’s Ambassadors – Transforming Lives.

CBA’s Ambassadors collaborate to donate food and hygiene supplies to orphanages and across Africa. (See More)

CBA’s Ambassadors in Ghana to provide training to girls and women in the areas of basic, intermediate, and advanced computer skills including programming and coding.

CBA’s Ambassadors in Cape Verde and Nigeria to bring free entrepreneurship and leadership training and skills acquisition programming. (See More)

CBA’s Ambassadors are collaborating to assist in the completion of Foday Kemo Orphanage so the children and staff could move from their present 2-room orphanage to a moderate sized living quarters in Gambia.

The Lisa N. Fredricks Scholarship

Scholarship for socioeconomically disadvantaged students to undergo vocational skills training included but not limited to: science, technology, engineering, art/design, and mathematics (STEAM) training; tailoring, cosmetology, automotive mechanic, welding, electrician, and other areas that promote self-sufficiency. (Learn More)


We partnered with Mobile Web Ghana to bring Tech4Hope initiative in Ghana.  The program’s aim is to provide training and practical skills in the area of computer technology to orphanages.

Learning with Modern Tech for Children in Slums & Rural Areas

We partnered with Whispering Hope Africa Initiative (WHAI) to bring STEAM activities to disadvantaged children living in slum and rural areas who would otherwise have limited to no access to STEAM education resources. (Learn More)

Africa Reads – “Children who read become adults who lead.”

We partnered with Culture Rich to bring the Africa Read initiative:  a book donation program that accepts donations of a variety books – children’s reading, activity, coloring; as well as pencils, crayons, markers and other related materials to donate to orphanages and disadvantaged schools across 6 African countries. (Learn More)