Citizens for a Better Africa (CBA) is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization humbly serving several countries across the African continent. We are everyday people collaborating toward attainable and sustainable solutions in everyday Africa.

Our dedicated international team members uphold the standards and values of integrity, transparency, accountability, compassion and love. We believe that a better Africa translates to life transforming improvements in the areas of: social justice, economic growth, public health, education, infrastructure, and self-image.  Such transformations increase Africa's positive contributions and participation in our global society - "A better Africa, a better World".

CBA consists of an international community of forward thinkers and empathetic persons who understand that the kind of changes that Africa needs can only come from the deeds within Africa and abroad.

Citizens for a Better Africa is committed to ideas, initiatives, and projects that contribute to “a better Africa, a better World.”