Citizens for a Better Africa (CBA) is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization humbly serving several countries across the African continent. We are everyday people collaborating toward attainable and sustainable solutions in everyday Africa. We are an international community of forward thinkers and empathetic persons who understand that the kind of changes that Africa needs can only come from the deeds within Africa and abroad.

CBA is committed to ideas, initiatives, and projects that contribute to “a better Africa, a better World.”


We work across 8 African nations - and counting - collaborating to address African needs in the areas of: social justice, education, youth and women empowerment, unemployment and Africa's vulnerable populations particularly orphans, widows, the elderly and girls.

CBA supports training in the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and mathematics (STEAM) as a means to pave a path toward self-sufficiency and attainable and sustainable solutions in Africa.

Africa will need a new generation of scientists, engineers, creators, designers, accountants, auditors, mathematics and science teachers and more — all these jobs require a minimum set of skills in STEAM.     

CBA is currently planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating various STEAM education solutions among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.



Africa's Future Depends on STEAM Education... (Learn More)


CBA also supports additional initiatives addressing: social justice, education, youth and women empowerment, unemployment, orphans, widows, the elderly and girls.

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I would like to thank you for your time and consideration. I have come to the understanding that Africa is the primary source of resources for our everyday conveniences and things we enjoy such as: cell phones, engagement & wedding rings, precious metals, diamonds and gold, chocolate, coffee, tea, cashews, various tropical fruit and many other natural resources. Thus, it is important address the various issues and deficiencies in the areas of: education, public health, social justice, infrastructure, and self-image. When we improve the conditions in Africa we also enhance the rest of the world.  Hence, “a better Africa, a better World.”